Mood is a portuguese company founded in 2001 that creates and produces LIGHTING OBJECTS for public and private spaces, working the space through light.
Mood’s lighting objects distinguish themselves by their SCULPTURAL character, by the magnitude of the SCALE, by the relationship to the CRAFTING process and by the diversity of the MATERIALS used.
Mood creates and produces lighting objects for those who wish to PERSONALIZE their spaces, creating EMOTIONS and MOODS.

The innovative design, professionalism, creativity, team work and the use of portuguese resources allowed and stengthened Mood’s supported growth during the past 15 years.

In a new cycle, Mood aims to reinforce its internationalization and at a national level to assert the value of the brand as a reference in lighting.

Rita Muralha and Raul Santos, trained as architects, are the founding members and managing partners at Mood. Filipa Maia and Mafalda Calixto, designers, also integrates Mood’s team.